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Abbey Oak – General Information

Willoby’s Abbey Oak range includes furniture for the dining room, living room and bedroom.

Why invest in the Abbey range?

The Abbey range is made from American White Oak, also known as Quercus Alba, and is a abundant hardwood found in eastern and central North America. It’s called White Oak due to its unusual white bark and can grow as high at 100 feet! It has a closed cellular structure making it fairly water and rot resistant and is used by coopers to make wine and whiskey barrels as it resists leaking. Its strength and durability allows for it to be used in construction, shipbuilding and even for Japanese weapons!

The Abbey furniture is robustly made using optimum thickness of wood for strength but light enough to manoeuvre in the home. It’s finished with a shellac based light lacquer which helps to protect the surface from excessive light, heat and water based spillages. However, it is highly recommended not to expose the furniture in constant sun light, place anything hot (such as cups of tea) directly onto it and any spillages are instantly wiped away.

Maintenance of our Abbey Oak range is easy, simply dust with a soft dry cloth! Avoid any cleaning products on the range to ensure no damage occurs to either the lacquer or wood.