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Choose from a selection of pine, oak or upholstered blanket boxes. Blanket boxes can house lots of different items from bedding, bags, shoes, toys…the list is endless! We have installed our blanket boxes in bedrooms, in living rooms as under window seats, kids play rooms and even in kitchens as a secret mini wine cellar!


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Quality Pine & Oak Furniture in Swindon, Wiltshire

Willoby’s is a family furniture company with a passion for great furniture at great prices. Our philosophy is simple, we only sell furniture that we would want in our homes, furniture that is well made and well designed.

We have friendly and knowledgeable staff with a combined Pine & Oak furniture experience of 60 years.

We are open 7 days a week and are situated in Swindon’s Old Town – easy to find and easy to park. The area has great cafes/restaurants and other specialist shops.

We pride ourselves on customer service and quick delivery. With our big warehouses on our dedicated farm near Swindon we try to keep as many items in stock as possible. For any information at all, please contact our shop.