The Guide to Choosing the Right Bed Size

What bed size should you go for?

So you have just moved in to a new place and after much consideration, you decide that you need a bed. And you think you are done with the hardest part. But then you are forced to answer some difficult questions such as, what size are you looking for, what type of bed do you want, what is your budget, and so on. Being a kid was so much easier. At least no one would ask you to go buy furniture. But fret not, for it’s not so tough when you know what’s available in the market. So here’s a little guide to help you decide the size of your bed.

Size of Your Room

You need to know how big your room is before you buy a bed. You must ensure that the bed can easily be moved into the room and there is enough space to walk around after the bed is placed. So to make things easier, measure the dimensions of your bedroom with a tape before heading to the store, so you know exactly what size will fit your room.

Who is it For?

It is equally important to determine who is going to use the bed. If it’s just one person, you are good to go with a twin or double bed, depending on how much sleeping space you need. If you are the kind that rolls and kicks, a double bed might be the perfect pick. If you are a couple, a queen or king size bed could be a good pick, the king size being the biggest. However, your choice will also depend, to a great extent, on the size of your room, as discussed earlier.

Clutter in the Room

It’s not just the size of your bedroom that matters but also the other furniture in your room. For instance, you might have a big room but it could be cluttered with more furniture, say a dresser, a study table, and so on, making it difficult to fit in a bigger bed. It makes sense to consider the dimensions of the other furniture in your room in addition to room size to make an informed choice when it comes to bed size.

Style and Décor

So you badly want a Victorian style four poster bed but the rest of the furniture in your room is either very modern or plain trash. It helps to take the overall aesthetics of the room into consideration before you zero in on your bed size and type.


While it is always a good idea to invest in a good bed, do not get carried away and overshoot your budget just because a particular bed type catches your fancy. Set apart a budget range based on how much you can spend, and try as much as possible to stick to it.