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Different Types of Wardrobes to Choose From

Looking for a new wardrobe? Take your pick.

We take our humble wardrobes for granted and treat it with much disdain. We toss clothes recklessly, and store everything from wine bottles to cookie jars in it. But it’s amazing how even the little things we use every single day have such interesting histories. Have you ever wondered how wardrobes came into existence?

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the term wardrobe itself was used to refer to a lavatory and it meant not just a piece of furniture but an entire room. It was used by kings and royalty and it was carved elaborately with a separate area for storing clothes (called the press) and another area demarcated for hanging clothes. This was the template for the modern wardrobe as we know it today. Here’s a quick look at the various types of wardrobes and their evolution.


This late 17th century American invention comprised a chest of drawers with a wardrobe on top. Popular all over America, especially around Philadelphia in the 18th century, this ‘wardrobe’ was intricately carved using wood such as mahogany and walnut, and they came fitted with ornate brass handles.


This was a style of wardrobes popular in the Netherlands in the late 17th and 18th centuries. These were essentially very large cupboards used to store clothes and other valuables. These were again meant to be used by wealthy families as heirlooms considering their expense and the fact that they were made of rosewood, ebony and so on.


These are basic free-standing wardrobes that have been popular since the 20th century. This is a basic cupboard with no partition or shelf – you could fix wooden slabs if needed. They are made of wood and are sometimes painted and carved as well.

Basic Wardrobe

These are modern versions of armoires and unlike them, they come with shelves, drawers and partitions. They are free-standing and can be moved around to any corner of the room. They can be made of any material – wood, MDF, metal etc, and they serve the purpose if you do not have too many things to store.

Fitted Wardrobes

These wardrobes run from the ceiling or loft to the floor and are usually incorporated into a suitable alcove in the room. They come with drawers and partitions and you could choose what kind of door you need as well. Usually, sliding doors are preferred as they are compact and don’t take up extra space.

Walk-In Wardrobes

This is like a throwback to the times when kings had an entire room for their stuff. Except that this is more modern, functional and needless to say, oozes luxury. If you have the space and the budget, a walk-in wardrobe can be ideal as it not only helps you organize your clothes better but also aids in better space utilization if you have an unused room.