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Hallway – To console table or not to console table?

Console tables are like the bread and butter of storage of any room. They’re designed to be space effective and provide storage or a platform for lots of different things such as flowers or make up.

For use in the hallway…

Traditionally, they are placed in the hall way as they are useful for putting down letters, keys or even the odd child! You may also see console tables adorned with flowers, convenient telephones and the mirror for that last-minute dust down of crumbs before you head to work.

There’s usually a gap underneath with a shelf or sometimes just with legs. This area at first may seem lost but it actually allows you to complete the functionality of the table. The shelf can home umbrellas, shoes, food for pets, a basket (that can be used as a bin or for further storage), kid’s bags/lunchboxes, bags and briefcases…basically anything that is used daily and mustn’t be forgotten as you head out the door!

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